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Seems like the greatest ideas are born from great experiences with close friends.  The Fircrest Derby Day is no different…


A handful of Fircrest Families were over in our backyard for a summer afternoon BBQ. We were all laughing about the time that this author decided with one of the other dads in the group to Bomb the Electron Hill on a long board.  Call it Fate or just dumb luck but late that evening I got a case of the speed wabbles, which lead to an outbreak of Road Rash!!


The wounds hand long since healed and as we had a good laugh, we began reminiscing about episodes of The Little Rascals and of course the infamous Bill Cosby Comedy Routine about the Soap Box Derby.


Add in some safety measures most notably no dads on skateboards, A few key supporters… And the Fircrest Derby Day came to life.


There is not a better to community to host a family event such as this.  Working closely with the City of Fircrest, and Chief of Police, we are hopeful that this is an event that will continue to grow over the coming years.


To us this event is simply about Family Fun and the time spent together.  So lets get to Building those cars out of the leftovers from last years project and set out for some High Speed Family Fun…


See you on July 9th!








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