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Race Rules


All Drivers must pre-stage, be in their car and ready at the staging line.

All cars get a ten-yard push start. Each team must provide their own designated pusher. Pushers who step over the ten-yard foul line will disqualify their car for that run.  A maximum of 2 pushers per car in the ten-yard zone.

No more than one racer is allowed in a car while racing.

No contact with other cars is allowed in the ten yard push zone, or within line of sight of the finish line – ANY CAR MAKING CONTACT IN THESE ZONES WILL BE PENALIZED OR DISQUALIFIED FROM THE EVENT AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE ORGANIZERS.

Score will be kept by averaging the two best race times. If you fail to make a race or are disqualified from a race your time will be entered as three minutes (3:00).

No pyrotechnics, fire, or fireworks are allowed in the event or as part of any car.

Nothing can be emitted  from the car like water, balloons or any substance whatsoever.

This is an alcohol free event. Anyone that is deemed to be under intoxication will be disqualified from the event.  This is a family friendly event.

Each team must designate a driver for the car for the entire event. Two family members driving the same car is allowed. However, each driver must make his/her  designated time slot.

All participants must help keep the Community clean – this means policing for trash, water balloons shrapnel and etc. You throw it you help pick it up! If you cannot help you will not be invited back.

Racer entry fee is $25 payable in Cash or Money Order

Numbers will be provided on race day and will be associated with the driver so multiple drivers can share a car. Your car must have that number on the front and right side of the vehicle during the race.


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