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When is the derby?


July 9th 2016


Electron Way in Fircrest Washington!


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When will the race start?

6am - 7am: Course setup ( no cars on course before 7am )

7am - 8:30am: Team arrival, Check-In, and Safety Inspection

8:30am - 9:30am: Warm up runs

9:30am - 10am: Course Safety Inspection

10am: First Timed Heats   



Each car will pick a number from a hat and allowed three (3) runs during the “Prelims”.


Each time you race you will receive a time. If you fail to make a race for whatever reason, you will receive a time of three minutes (3:00).


The heats will be seeded and your two best Prelim times will be averaged together to produce your Final Prelim Time.


The twenty one (21) cars with the best Final Prelim Times will advance to the “Semis”. The nine (9) cars with the fastest Semis times will then advance to the “Finals.”


The fastest three (3) final cars will be invited to participate in the “Championship”. The fastest of these cars will be declared the winner. (Of course EVERYBODY is a winner, and awards will also be given in a few various “creative” categories










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